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A memorial that commemorates the major conflicts that shaped South Africa.

Note: The construction of S'khumbuto is complete and it is open to the public.

On the crest of Salvokop, subtly blending into the curves of the hill, nestles S'khumbuto - Freedom Park’s major memorial element. It stands as a testimony to the various conflicts that have shaped the South Africa of today and commemorates those who have sacrificed their lives for humanity and freedom.

The concept of S'khumbuto is drawn from siSwati nomenclature and signifies a place of remembrance for those who have died and also a place for invoking their assistance in current and future affairs.

S'khumbuto would not be a place of grief and mourning but of celebration, a tribute to African and human dignity, and a place for the renewal of the human spirit.

S'khumbuto comprises of a number of elements:

Wall of Names

The Wall of Names is an awe-inspiring structure (697m in length), inscribed with the names of those who died during eight conflicts within South Africa’s history: Pre-Colonial Wars, Slavery, Genocide, Wars of Resistance, the South African War, the First World War, the Second World War and the Struggle for Liberation.

The physical wall can accommodate 120,000 names. To date, 75,000 names have been verified for inscription. The design also allows for future generations to memorialise their heroes and heroines. More names, with additional information, such as biographical data and pictures, will be available on a virtual wall accessible via touch screen terminals.

Submit a name to be considered for inclusion on the Wall of Names. 



Embraced by the Wall of Names, the reeds and the Gallery of Leaders is the Amphitheatre - a terraced space that can seat 2,000 people. It serves as a multi-purpose venue for major events or celebrations.


The Sanctuary is a serene environment conducive to the outpouring of emotion. Visitors are invited to conduct a ceremony or light a candle in remembrance of the victims in our struggles for freedom or simply to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame adjacent to the Sanctuary calls on visitors to remember the unknown soldiers - those unsung heroes and heroines who lost their lives without their names being recorded in history. Fire symbolises eternity.

Gallery of Leaders

The Gallery of Leaders pays tribute to some of the many people whose leadership qualities and achievements have been pivotal in the struggle for humanity and freedom nationally, continentally and internationally.

These leaders have been selected because of the way in which they have brought about change and development and influenced the course of history. They are in the Gallery of Leaders to serve as exemplary role models who are worthy of being emulated.



Silhouetted against the sky stands the majestic sculpture of ascending reeds. With almost 200 reeds, the tallest measuring 32 metres in height, this spectacular sight ensures visibility of Freedom Park from all around the capital city.

The reeds signify the rebirth of the South African nation as well as a nation embracing the future.


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