Press Release: The United Nations in South Africa opens exhibition at Freedom Park

Press Release, 29 May 2018



The United Nations in South Africa opens exhibition at Freedom Park


Freedom Park in partnership with the United Nations Information Centre in Pretoria, will   launch an exhibition on “The Role of the United Nations in the Struggle for Freedom in South Africa”. The exhibition, which was organized in partnership with the museum and Brand South Africa, showcases the UN’s contribution in the fight against apartheid.

The exhibition chronicles the history of the UN’s involvement in the South Africa’s political system which began in 1946 when India raised concern at the General Assembly about the treatment of people of Indian origin in South Africa. The timeline displayed at the exhibition details the series of meetings and outcomes of the UN Special Committee Against Apartheid formed in 1962 as well as the impact of various declarations and resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly and the Security Council.

During a period that spanned over several decades, the UN first imposed an arms embargo followed by economic sanctions as well as cultural and sports boycott of South Africa in an effort to force it to abandon its policy of apartheid. Footage at the exhibition shows late iconic South Africans such as former President Nelson Mandela, former African National Congress President Oliver Tambo and singer Mariam Makeba addressing the UN on the oppressive laws passed by apartheid South Africa. They all urged the global body to take a strong stance against the regime.

The exhibition runs until 20 June 2018

Details of the Exhibition Launch:

Date: Tomorrow 30 May 2018

Time: 17h30

Venue: // hapo Museum Freedom Park, Pretoria.


For further information, please contact:

Zeenat Abdool, UN Information Centre in Pretoria, Tel. +27-82-778-8080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Naomi Madima

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