As we commemorate Human Rights Month we do so, in respect and indebtedness to our fellow countrymen and women who fell in the process of confronting the past injustices of apartheid. We are delighted to announce that Freedom Park together with EMS Productions will host the 4thAnnual Public Lecture on anti-apartheid activist Ms Dulcie September on the 14thMarch 2024.

We salute her achievements as a phenomenal woman, leader, freedom fighter and activist. She was truly one of those exceptional human beings who brought about qualitative leaps in the struggle for humanity and freedom internationally. 

On the day of her tragic assassination on 29 March, we are also to remember our responsibility in promoting the values she stood for. We are honoured and deeply humbled as we pay homage to a woman of South Africa whose activities made a valuable contribution to bringing down an apartheid system that had for too long defined our country.

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