About Freedom Park

A Heritage Destination

Freedom Park celebrates South Africa's heritage. It is a centre of knowledge aimed at deepening the understanding of the nation. It strives to accommodate all of the country's experiences and symbols to tell one coherent story.

Freedom Park is a cultural institution housing a museum and a memorial dedicated to chronicling and honouring the many who contributed to South Africa's liberation. The museum aims to preserve and narrate the story of the African continent, and specifically South Africa, from the dawn of humanity, through pre-colonial, colonial and apartheid history and heritage, to the post-apartheid nation of today. It is a long walk, spanning some 3.6 billion years.

Freedom Park Celebrates 20 Years

Vision, mission and objectives


To be a leading national and international icon of humanity and freedom.


To provide a pioneering and empowering heritage destination that challenges visitors to reflect upon our past, improve our present and build on our future as a united nation.

The Freedom Park cultural precinct:

  • Advocates for tolerance, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability;
  • Archives and preserves South Africa's indigenous knowledge;
  • Tells the South African story as it unfolds;
  • Honours those who gave their lives for South Africa's freedom;
  • Provides a place where visitors can experience the diversity of our history and remember loved ones who played a role in the country's history;
  • Provides a venue where South Africa's unique heritage and cultures can be remembered, cherished and celebrated;
  • Fosters a South African community spirit, by being a symbol of unity through diversity; and,
  • Works with African and other international institutions to tell the story of Africa from an African perspective.


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22 Nov 2023;
DSI Men’s Session
09 Dec 2023;
Ubuntu Festival

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