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Focus Areas


A professional team ensures that Freedom Park follows best-practises, building the site into a national memorial and museum that is embraced by all South Africans.

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Freedom Park offers visitors a unique and sustainable heritage experience.

Corporate duties

Stakeholder management

Freedom Park is managed to ensure that all stakeholders – employees and the board, among others – are properly identified and appropriately tasked with maintaining the park to ensure visitors have the best experience possible.

Fund management

The park's management works to secure extra funds to complement its allocated budget, to make sure it meets its objectives.

Knowledge management

The management is responsible for creating and implementing systems and processes to effectively collect, store and distribute knowledge for the use of national and international stakeholders.


The management team at Freedom Park implements necessary projects within budget constraints and to stakeholders' high standards.

Systems and business processes

Freedom Park management identifies and implements the necessary business systems and processes to help meet the organisation's objectives.

Structures and roles

Freedom Park management has instituted best-practice organisational structures to support the objectives of the park, to improve corporate governance, and to improve the park's efficiency.


To improve how Freedom Park functions, the management is developing and implementing effective internal communications systems.

Skills development

Freedom Park employees have access to skills development programmes, to improve on their qualifications and abilities, ensuring that the park continues to offer a unique and sustainable heritage experience for visitors.