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Quiet contemplation is an essential element of all belief systems. Meditation, prayer and reflection, as well as rituals honouring the ancestors are all significant elements of Freedom Park, which is a sacred, multi-faith haven.

A visit to Freedom Park is a cleansing and inspirational experience: a pilgrimage back to wholeness.

A visit to Freedom Park is a cleansing and inspirational experience: a pilgrimage back to wholeness.

Freedom Park respects all areas of faith in South Africa and is often the venue for multi-faith nation-building events. It acknowledges and honours the spirituality of all the continent's peoples as a force for reconciliation and healing.

A visit to Freedom Park is a liberating, cleansing and inspirational experience: a pilgrimage back to wholeness.

Reflection and contemplation

The park is a haven for contemplation and reflection, with areas and features that provide a connection to history, the Earth, and the visitors' own sense of spirituality.

Sacred Isivivane

In many African traditions, every household has its own spiritual space. Isivivane is South Africa's sacred spiritual space and a resting place for those who played a part in the country's freedom and liberation. It is meant to reflect the continent's spirituality, evoked and amplified by Lesaka's enormous boulders and perpetual steam.

Life-giving water for healing and cleansing

Pools and streams of water flow throughout Freedom Park, lending an air of tranquillity and restoration. Additionally, the presence of water at the park is a testimony to the global belief in its power to cleanse, soothe, and heal.

Fire to honour the dead

Fire is a singular beacon of humanity's ability to change the environment; in many of the world's cultures it symbolises enlightenment, change, destruction, attaining purity, and energy. It is fitting, then, that the Eternal Flame at Freedom Park draws visitors to pay homage to those who have gone before to change our world, bringing the light of tolerance and knowledge to us.

Honouring the ancestors

Ancestors play a major role in the lives of many Africans; at Freedom Park respect for elders, and by extension, ancestors, is major theme and one explored fully at the //hapo interactive museum. Here, in Epoch 2: The Ancestors exhibit, artefacts help visitors understand the importance of ritualistic burial ceremonies to respectfully inter elders who will become ancestors, and how and why people ask ancestors to intercede with the powers-that-be.

For visitors wanting to commune with their ancestors, the Sanctuary is a meditative space conducive to introspection and quiet contemplation. Here, visitors can light a candle to honour their ancestors and remember the many South Africans who sacrificed their lives to ensure freedom for all.