Honouring Heroes and Heroines

Freedom Park mourns the demise of Aziz Pahad, three months after the death of his brother Essop Pahad. He was a dedicated ANC loyalist, a patriot, freedom fighter and servant of the people throughout his life. Not only was he a devoted member of the African National Congress, but he was also recognised as a brilliant diplomat and strategist who served as a Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister for International Relations from 1994 to 2008.

Freedom Park mourns the loss of the Traditional Prime Minister of the Zulu Nation Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. President  Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi, who served as traditional prime minister to a succession of Zulu kings, has died at the age of 95.  As the country remembers and mourns the founder and long-standing leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), his role in South Africa’s journey towards democracy remains quintessential.  

Freedom Park mourns the passing of our dearly beloved Mamasuku; our hearts are broken, shattered into small pieces, We are saddened at her death. We at Freedom Park are devastated!  As we silently sob for the gracious Ma Masuku, we mourn her loss . She was   a gift to the nation. Future generations must never forget our heroes and heroines, you towered above the rest, your humility and compassion can never be forgotten. You were an inspiration at every event that we had here at Freedom Park. We were honoured and privileged to be in your midst and to learn from you. Your passion for Freedom Park was evident to everyone and your contribution to Freedom Park was enormous.


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22 Nov 2023;
DSI Men’s Session
09 Dec 2023;
Ubuntu Festival

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