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Unveiling of the name of Mr Antoine Ndinga Oba on the Wall of Names and Book launch

Unveiling of Mr. Antoine Ndinga Oba's name at Freedom Park South Africa

Cultural diplomacy to unite the African continent ultimately led to the signing of the Brazzaville Protocol in Brazzaville on 13 December 1988 by Angola, Cuba, and South Africa. The signing of the Brazzaville Protocol in Brazzaville, the capital city of the Republic of Congo, paved the way for important resolutions which included the end of apartheid and the birth of a new South Africa.

It is important to mention that Mr. Antoine Ndinga Oba, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation from 1984-1991, and whose name is now inscribed on the Wall of Names at Freedom Park, was one of the Congolese who actively participated in the negotiations with apartheid South Africa. Their efforts bore fruit, as all five objectives of the Brazzaville Protocol were achieved.

As we commemorate the inscription of His Excellency Mr Antoine Ndinga Oba on the Wall of Names, there will also be a Book Launch entitled “The Brazzaville Protocol: The contribution of the Republic of Congo to peace in Southern Africa” authored by the Minister of State, Major General Pierre Oba. 

Date:     12 February 2023

Time:     15h00

Venue:   Sanctuary 

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